For groups

Vanatoa Tourist Farm is happy to welcome groups of guests for a lunch or dinner. Catering is subject to pre-booking: Seating is available for 80 guests. Group leaders are asked to select the same menu for all group members and confirm the selection 10 days before the group’s arrival. Please let us know if there are guests in the group that have food allergies or are vegetarian (are they vegetarian or vegan, do they consume fish). The number of attending guests is to be submitted at least 10 days before the group’s arrival. Food quantities will be based on pre-booked numbers.

PS! If only one course is ordered from the group menu, side dishes are not included in the price.

Group menu 

Farmer´s soup  3.50€

Fish soup with two different fish and vegetables 3.50€

 Vanatoa russian meat soup (seljanka) 3.50€

Roast chicken with smoked cheese sauce, rice /or herb potatoes and fresh salad 9€

Pork chop with, sauerkraut, creamy sauce and boiled / or herb potatoes 8.50€

Oven baked salmon with salad, boiled/or herb potatoes and white sauce 9.50€

Duck leg with sauerkraut and bbq sauce 9.50€ 

Kama mousse 3€

Seasonal cake 3€

Two and more course  includes the price bread, white bread, butter, tea, coffe, whater