Summer events

Vanatoa Tourist Farm is a perfect venue for summer seminars/events. We have a spacious yard are as well as a separate stone fence lined area with a volleyball court. We accommodate 50 guests. The Farm also allows for camping. With larger groups, a certain number of guests can be housed in the village in farms providing for home accommodation. Bring your own host and band to your summer event or, naturally, request relevant contacts from us. One of the most popular summer event undertakings is an outing to Kõinastu islet in a tractor bin. Food and drink are packed for the adventurers by Vanatoa Tourist Farm, subject to pre-booking.

The  entire Farm complex includes accommodation with breakfast for up to 50 guests as well as private use of all rooms of general use and the yard area. The price also includes use of the sauna. Massage services can also be ordered. With larger groups, we recommend selecting services that take less time so that more people might enjoy the service.  Trips to Kõinastu islet are taken in a tractor bin; a dump cart can be attached if required.


Up to 25 guests: € 35 per hour

25-50 guests: € 35 + € 5 per additional guest

50 guests: € 50 per hour

75 guests: € 85 per hour

Vanatoa Tourist Farm boasts two saunas. The largest sauna is a Finnish sauna. It takes roughly two hours to heat the sauna. The sauna is located in a separate building equipped with an antechamber with a table and chairs for a smaller party of no more than 20. Approximately eight people fit into the steam room at once. The smaller electric/infrared sauna is located on the second floor in the Main Building. This sauna seats about four people at a time. Price: first hour € 30, each successive hour € 25

The second floor of the Main Building holds an electric/infrared sauna. The sauna is intended for a smaller party, seating 4-5 people at a time. Price: first hour € 20, each successive hour € 15


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