Thinking of butterflies and the warm summer breeze? Then it is high time to book Vanatoa for a company summer event. Enjoy the untouched nature, relax at our yard, play sports on the fields with your friends and colleagues – everything is possible at Vanatoa. The beach and a small harbor for boats are located nearby. Rent our high-quality BMW mountain bikes to explore the surroundings and take in the beauty of Muhu.

Looking to do something fun and unique? Take the trip to Kõinastu Islet! The trip takes place in the back of a tractor and up to 75 people can participate at once. Vanatoa will provide travelers with packed lunches if they so wish.

Kõinastu is a 262 ha islet in Väinameri, about 2 km from Sääreotsa, the westernmost point of Muhu near the village of Koguva, and divided from it by shallow waters. Kõinastu served as the main filming spot for the legendary Estonian film “Mehed ei nuta” (Men Don’t Cry).

At Vanatoa, there is plenty to do indoors as well. Our guests can enjoy the hall in the main house, visit the bar or make use of our 2 saunas. It is also possible to play pool and board games in the pool room.

Delicious food and drinks are, of course, a part of it all.

NB! Consumption of alcohol brought in from elsewhere is not allowed at Vanatoa. For drinks, there is a bar at Vanatoa; larger quantities can be ordered in advance.