What could be more inspirational than to begin your journey together from the ancient glades and fields of Muhu? A marriage, united in the arms of sturdy junipers, can do nothing but last forever.

In addition to the beautiful surroundings and the spacious event hall, Vanatoa offers contemporary and comfortable accommodation, the use of 2 saunas and a wide and charming outdoor area. There is a bar in the main house with seating and a TV. On the first floor of the main house, there is a common room, a pool room and a children’s play area. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the house.

The event hall (120 m2) is perfect for 60-80 guests and comfortably fits a band as well. The hall can easily be decorated according to the wishes of the bride and groom. The bride and groom can enjoy the comfort of our special white chairs, decorated with traditional Muhu embroidery. It is also possible to hang a traditional Muhu blanket on the wall behind the seats of the marrying couple. Delicious meals for weddings are cooked in the Vanatoa kitchen. We offer 3 different sample menus in 3 different price ranges. We have made sure that our menus are nutritious, so that our guests would leave the wedding table full and happy. Any special wishes or needs regarding catering at weddings are welcome and can be agreed upon in advance. Weather permitting, the wedding cake and champagne is served outdoors, otherwise it is served in the hall or at the bar. The young couple is welcome to organize their own cake and florists.

Cooperation between the marrying couple and the Vanatoa family is key for a smooth and successful wedding.

If interested, please contact us at Should you wish to inspect the premises beforehand, please book a time for the visit in advance.

NB! Consumption of alcohol brought in from elsewhere is not allowed at events at Vanatoa. For drinks, there is a bar at Vanatoa; larger quantities can be ordered in advance.

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